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10 Spring Must Have Accessories

With a new season comes new trends. Update your favorite go-to dress with these 10 must have Spring  accessories …


1.The Fringe Bag

Who would have thought that a bag with strips of material hanging from it would be so trendy, but guess what it is! And it looks amazing. You have to have at least one of these trendy handbags this Spring to set off your look.

Spring Accessories
The Fringe Bag


2.The Platform Sandals

These are perfect to complete your casual look or evening look. The chunky platform is great for daytime wearing and is very Chic! Opt for a less chunky platform sandal when dressing for the evening.

Spring Accessories
The platform sandal
Spring Accessories
The platform heel


















3.The Statement Necklace

No outfit is complete without a statement necklace! We love statement necklaces. They are perfect for any occasion, day or night. It can complete your outfit and make it look super glam!

Spring Accessories
The statement necklace


4.The Wide Brimmed Hat

Your spring wardrobe is not complete if you do not own one of these. They have the ability to add that little something special that is missing from your outfit. These are very trendy!

Spring Accessories
The wide brimmed hat


5.The Long Pendant Necklace

Pendant necklaces can be a great addition to your outfit. Pendants can be very beautiful, they are simple and classy. If you don’t want too much going on around your neck, this is something you should invest in. They look great with simple silhouettes.

Spring Accessories
The long pendant


6.The Gladiator

In my opinion the gladiator is the hottest shoe to hit the runway. High heel or flat, they are stunning and look amazing with dresses, skirts or shorts. We need to show them off ladies!

Spring Accessories
The Gladiator



Head pieces have been around for a while but we love them because they just finish off an outfit. What is spring without a beautiful flower head piece? Headpieces can be worn casually or formally. Opt for a flower or simple head piece for the day and don’t be shy to go bling and bold with a headpiece for the evening, making sure that the headpiece is the focal attraction. We don’t want too many things going on.

Spring Accessories
Head pieces


 8.Crystal Jewelry

A little birdy told me that Crystal jewelry is going to be a hit this Fall so look out for this trend and better yet, invest in a few pieces.


Spring Accessories
Crystal Jewelry


9.Ballerina Flats

These are a classic and comfortable and always look trendy.

Spring Accessories
Ballet Flats


10.Statement Earrings

Earrings always complete any outfit. Make sure that if you choose to wear statement earrings, keep the rest of your accessories to a minimum.

Spring Accessories
Statement Earrings


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