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2015 Evening Dress Colour Trends

Half your battle is won once you have a color decided on for your evening dress. However getting to that decision can be a nightmare with such a variety of dresses and colors to choose from.

So to make your shopping experience an easy and successful one, here are some tips to ensure you leave with a stylish and fashionable color trend evening dress. 2015 color trends seem to be drawing inspiration from nature. Sounds hippy and tree hugging, but surprisingly is the total opposite. Count on a romantic breeze to take over your wardrobe and back in time, sweeping you off your feet with elegant dainty details, fabrics and colours. Colour pallets such as cool hues, especially popular with bridesmaid dresses, as well as subtle warm tones and floral prints are being showed off on the red carpet already.

Evening Dress
Evening dress colour trend : cool hues and pastels


Evening Dress
Evening dress colour trend : florals

If you prefer a bold and statement making color, the trend for your evening dress in 2015 is a rich yellow lace with a combination of flesh colored sheer fabric. An absolutely stunning and vibrant color trend for cocktail or full length dresses.

Evening Dress
Evening dress colour trend : yellow lace

Sultry transparency ie flesh tones, and barely shielded by a divine print, has become the answer to blending a timeless sophistication with the art of suggestion. Nude, paired or combined with white is definitely the look of the season. Jennifer Lopez wore this trend best on the re  d carpet combining white lace with flesh colored sheer fabric.

Evening Dress
Evening dress colour trend : Nude with lace


Evening Dress
Evening dress colour trend : transparency










No matter what colour you love to wear, the Showroom has an extensive collection of evening, cocktail and formal dresses for whatever your special occasion.