January 2015

Matric Dance

Perfect Matric dance hairstyles

Now that you have your matric dance dress, shoe and makeup , the final step is choosing the best hairstyle for your dress. As much as we like having what looks good to us, fashion and style is much more successful when we choose something...

Matric Dance Dress

Matric Dance Dress Inspiration : Style Stars

Need a bit of style direction with your matric dance dress ? Get some ideas from these famous style stars who always keep us on our toes with their draw dropping looks. Lupita Nyongo This break out star showed of her stellar style in 2014 and continues...

Matric Dance Dress

Matric Dance Dress Styles

Your Matric dance is one of the most significant special nights of your high school life, and whether you’re one of those girls who has been planning your outfit since your first day of high school, or if you are lacking inspiration on what dress...

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