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February 2015

Matric Dance Make-up

Matric Dance Make-up

It's important to choose your Matric Dance Make-up and hairstyle after you choose your matric dance dress. When it comes to make-up, a good rule of thumb to follow is to either play up the eyes or the mouth. Then take your cues from your...

Matric Dance Accessories

Matric Dance Dress Accessories

Time for Matric Dance Accessories ! Shoes, earrings, bracelets, bags… Accessories are a major factor for every matric dance dress. They can either enhance or detract from your chosen dress. The first thing to understand about accessories is that they need to be tailored to suit every...

Matric Dance Dress

Matric Dance Dress : Body shape Guidelines

Knowing what to wear for your body shape can be a challenge, and every girl wants to look their absolute best in their matric dance dress. Here are a few helpful guidelines when choosing your matric dance dress.   The Hourglass Shape Your goal when having this type...

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