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Fashion has evolved over the centuries thanks to Style Icons such as Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Katharine Hepburn and many more. As ladies, we often look to these famous Style Icons for inspiration. But, there are new and upcoming Style Icons on the way.


Blake Lively

With the style and fashion that she brings to the red carpet, one would assume that she has a team of stylists. You would be stunned to know that she actually doesn’t have a single stylist.

Not only is she one of our top Style Icons, she is also a maternity style icon. When pregnant with each of her two children, she still managed to pull off show-stopping, glamourous and fashionable looks.


Style Icons


Kate Middleton

Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is known for dressing according to the occasion. When meeting with the Irish guards, she wore a military coat by Alexander McQueen.

She also knows her body shape well and can manipulate it easily with her famous belted coat style. This creates the illusion of curves. Try this simple yet effective look.


Style Icons


 Ashley Graham

Another woman who knows how to manipulate her style to suit her body type is our plus size model, Ashley Graham. There isn’t any look she wishes she could pull off. She firmly believes that ‘curvy girls can pull off any look’.

She made it her mission of 2016 to change the body types found in the media. She is one of our famous Style Icons because she challenges fashion and the modelling industry and promotes body acceptance.


Style Icons


Vanessa Hudgens

Our last style icon appeals to teenagers because she’s the Queen of Coachella – the famous music fashion festival. Vanessa Hudgens says ‘be the girl you want to be. Don’t be afraid to take risks’.

From her famous fashion looks we learn to stand out from the crowd with colours, prints and patterns. We also go big with hats and sunglasses. Her famous looks also teach us to be practical when it comes to shoes. Comfort first.


Style Icons