February 2017

Dress Inspiration

Dress Inspiration : Valentines’ Day

With Valentines' Day coming up we wanted to bring you some dress inspiration to give you the confidence to 'wow' your date for the night. To give you a bit of background for your dress inspiration, Valentines' Day originated as a Western Christian liturgical feast day...

Matric Dance Dress Shopping

Tips for Matric Dance Dress Shopping

Thing to remember when you go matric dance dress shopping. The biggest and most difficult part of any matric dance for a girl is finding their perfect prom dress. Dressing shopping can become frustrating, over bearing and time consuming, but it does not have to be.   Have...

Matric Dance Dress Trends

Top Matric Dance Dress Trends 2017

Matric Dance Dress Trends 2017 is here and with every matric dance dress season brings with it new looks - different cuts, fabrics, colours and flair. Keeping it stylish requires both understanding and utilising the current trends to work for your own body and style.   We’ll...

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