October 2017

Year End Functions

Year End Functions : Top Dress Colours

With the end of 2017 fast approaching, so is the season for Year End Functions. Just when you thought you could get a break from stress at work, or exam stress, you still have to find the energy to search for the perfect dress for...

Dress Code

Deciphering The Dress Code

Yes October is in full swing and brings us to the beginning of awards season and other black tie events. Whether corporate or personal, this blog will shed some light on how to decipher the different Dress Codes on your invitation.   White Tie This first dress code...

Formal Event Dress

Formal Event Dress Styling Tips

It's the time of year that calls for a Formal Event Dress. Some of us ladies feel totally overwhelmed at the thought of having to go to a formal event, especially if you're 'plain Jane'. Here are some style ideas and tips that will help...


What’s trending : Lace Dress Trend

A timeless classic for any occasion – the lace dress trend is making a comeback this season. Throughout history, the lace trend has graced us with its presence from princesses walking down the aisle, in pure, royal elegance to a sexy and edgy look. As...

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