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5 Evening Dress Trends : Met Gala 2018

5 Evening Dress Trends from this year’s Met Gala ! This red carpet event is affectionally referred to as ‘fashion’s biggest night out’. It is a fundraising benefit for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. This year’s theme was Heavenly Bodies : Fashion and Catholic Imagination.


1. Luxurious Fabric Trend

To kick off our evening dress trends is ‘luxurious fabrics’.  Sarah Jessica Parker went head to toe with this trend with bold gold brocade. Blake Lively chose a fine embroidery detail on her multitude of dramatic panels while Diane Kruger’s dress embraced this trend by teaming satin with embroidery detail.


Evening Dress Trends
Luxurious Fabrics Trend


2. Exaggerated Trains

Trains for days is our next on our list of evening dress trends. Rita Ora wore a black Prada gown with cascading sheer train, as did Bella Hadid. Nicki Minja went fiery red in Oscar Dela Renta with her full dramatic train. Jennifer Lopez in her true JLO glam style chose feathers for her exaggerated train with thigh high slit.


Evening Dress Trends
Exaggerated Train Trend


3. All About the Gold

Gold tones were worn by numerous celebs for this year’s Met Gala. From full sequin dresses by Olivia Munn and Ashley Graham to Katy Perry’s angelic ensemble complete with knee high gold boots. Kim K and Gisele Bundchen went full blown liquid gold with their dresses.


Evening Dress Trends
All About The Gold Trend


4. Head Pieces

Taking inspiration from the wardrobes of nuns and members of the clergy, celebs went all out when it came to their religious head pieces. Rihanna channeled the Pope with her heavily beaded head piece while Cara Delevingne mirrored a confessional window with her black beaded head piece. Blake Lively and Cardi B chose similar style head pieces encompassing more of a crown theme.


Evening Dress Trends
Head Piece Trend

5. Elaborate Beadwork

The last trend amongst our evening dress trends round up is oh so elaborate beadwork. Again Rihanna and Cardi B strutted their stuff in head to toe elaborate fully hand-beaded gowns while Gig Hadid wore a stain glass window themed dress made up of intricate beadwork.


Evening Dress Trends
Elaborate Beadwork Trend


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