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Accessories For Your Wedding Guest Outfit

Chosen your dress but need accessories for your wedding guest outfit? Here are some style tips to steer you in the right direction.

Depending on the location and setting of the wedding, you may want to choose your accessories for your wedding guest outfit wisely. If the wedding will be outdoors, you might want to add a hat to your dress as your wedding dress accessory in case there is minimal shade. Parasols are also well suited to a garden wedding. If the wedding is inside a church, you may want to wear a shawl or jacket for modesty that you can drape over your shoulders.



If you think the wedding is going to be a fun and frivolous affair, you can bring out your more funky colourful jewelry. If it’s going to be a bit more subdued, then rather stick to more classical pieces. Remember to use you better judgment and take cues from the dress code.



When it comes to a handbag opt for a small clutch or evening bag will often suffice. If you are attending  a daytime wedding, you can get away with bringing mid-size handbags. Avoid bringing along anything oversized or clunky. Clutches are a great option, but a wristlet or strap addition would be a good idea – if the wedding is a cocktail event or somewhere where finger food will be served, you might want your hands free.




The shoes can make or break your wedding outfit. But they can also break your happy mood. Weddings are occasions where you will be on your feet for extended periods of time so you want to be wearing comfortable shoes. If you’re buying a new pair for the occasion, then make sure to wear them in. Alternatively, stash a pair of foldable ballet flats in your handbag for when you have had enough with your heels. Remember heels with a platform and ankle strap offer more support and therefore more comfortable than stilettos.




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