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Black Tie Dress Code

When shopping for an outfit for an event with a Black Tie dress code, most ladies instantly feel overwhelmed  at the prospect of having to find something suitable. 

But the Black Tie dress code doesn’t have to be daunting or intimidating at all. Simply keep these top tips in mind and you’re good to go. 

1.     Floor-length please

Black tie always means formal and traditionally this requires a floor length dress. Modern times have allowed ladies to wear a tea length dress (ankle length) as well as a cocktail dress; but nothing below the knee. 

However; we would recommend sticking to tradition and wearing a floor length dress. With so many events being postponed and cancelled due to the pandemic, use this opportunity to dress up and feel beautiful. 

2.     Black Tie doesn’t necessarily mean black

The most common myth associated with the Black Tie dress code is that you have to wear black… You don’t. We do, however, recommend avoiding bright colours for Black Tie events. 

So, while you can wear black, we also suggest other dark colours such as navy, burgundy or emerald green. Alternatively, you could opt for something feminine like a soft pink or dusty rose. 

3.     Simple, sophisticated silhouettes 

For a Black Tie dress code, you’re going to want to stick to simple yet sophisticated silhouettes; so stay away from big ballgowns and thigh-high slits. Whether it’s A-line, fitted, mermaid, halter, strapless or one shoulder; the key to a great silhouette is the perfect fit. 

We recommend trying your dress on a week or two before your event and taking it to a seamstress for any finishes touches to make sure it fits you perfectly and accentuates all your best features. 

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