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Dresses for A Black Tie Event

Are you attending a Black Tie Event and unsure what to wear ? Then this is the blog for you. Below are our guidelines in making sure you are best dressed for your Black Tie Event.

A Black Tie event usually takes place in the evening and is one of the most formal dress codes. It is always easy for men to choose their outfit as all it requires is donning a tux. The ladies however are left with many choices and choices sometimes only lead to confusion. A black tie event does allow for a little dress code leeway but it is customary to wear a floor length gown to events like these and considered appropriate for a “black tie event”.

Choose a long evening dress for a black tie event

We would advise wearing a long dress as a long gown immediately catapults you into “formal dress” category and is more suited for black tie events. A short dress has to be extra spectacular to be appropriate for a black tie event. If you decide to wear a short evening dress it should be in jewel tones and preferably in a darker colour. Darker colours are always more formal.

Black Tie EventBlack Tie Event

Statement style or statement jewellery for your black tie event dress

An intricately styled dress doesn’t require much in the way of extra embellishments, as the design should be at the forefront.  If your evening gown is simple then you should look for statement jewellery that gives your look an extra edge. Beautiful jewellery is all a simple dress needs to be transformed into a black tie event worthy dress.


Black Tie Event

Classic vs fashion for black tie event dresses

The advantage of a simple, classic style over something more elaborate is that the classic styles often stands the test of time and allows for different accents to change the look. I love the quote: “The essence of a timeless classic evening dress will remain forever fashionable.”

If you are however more of a fashion statement girl then you personality will push you more towards something trendy. Always be true to yourself and your style personality. You should wear the dress and not let the dress wear you.




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