Matric Dance Accessories

Matric Dance Accessories : Golden Rules

Found your dream matric dance dress, now time for your matric dance accessories. Here are some golden rules to help you look picture perfect from head to toe   Start your matric dance accessories quest with your shoes. This will dictate on what accessories you will...

Clutch Bag

Style Tips : Clutch bag Essentials

Let’s be honest Ladies, everything in our bags are essentials in our eyes, so how do we downsize from tote to a clutch bag and still have everything we might possibly need!? Here is a clutch bag essentials 101 tips on what to really throw...

Right Heels

Style Tips : Choosing the right heels

This month we are focusing on particular style tips beginning with choosing the right heels for your special occasion. Below are our top 5 tips :-   Tip 1 :  Heel placement  If the heel is too far back, it won't support your weight properly. When looking for...

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