Grade 11 Dance

Grade 11 Dance

Let’s talk Grade 11 Dance Dresses

It’s that time of year again, your Grade 11 Dance. If you are unsure what to wear then look no further. Here are our top 5 trends for your Grade 11 Dance Dress. The A-Line Skirt Starting off our top trends for your Grade 11 dance is...

Grade 11 Dance Dress

Shopping time : Grade 11 Dance Dress

It's Grade 11 dance dress season ! The last thing you need is an overwhelming shopping experience. Here are some tips to shop successfully for your Grade 11 Dance dress in 2017 :   Get an idea of what you like. When the time comes for you to...

Grade 11 Dance Dress

Choosing your Grade 11 Dance Dress

Grade 11 is a very serious year, for most its the year you take the results you get for colleges, it's the year that prepares you for your grade 12 and the year with the most amount of work. Your Grade 11 dance is the perfect time to step out and have fun!! Here are some tips in choosing your Grade 11 dance dress ...

Dress Style

Grade 11 dance : Dress Styles

Sequin, chiffon, beaded, long, short, what dress style are you going to choose for your super fun grade 11 dance dress this year!? It may seem like your dance dress life is absolute chaos and no idea what dress style to go for, but that’s what...

Grade 11 Dance Accessories

Accessories : Grade 11 Dance

It’s out with Matric Dance Season and in with Grade 11 dances, it’s a time of year where not only matric students get to enjoy their high school career but something grade 11 students can also anticipate and look forward to. After finding the perfect Grade...

Cocktail Dress Trends

Cocktail Dress Trends

Cocktail dresses are great for semi-formal occasions. These are the types of occasions that are special but are not quite the formal ‘black tie’ event.   The infamous LBD (Little Black Dress) is a cocktail dress that every woman needs in her closet. This is a short,...

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