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Matric Dance

Evening Wear

Evening Wear : Do’s and Don’ts

With formal events becoming more popular these days we would like to share our knowledge of evening wear do’s and don’ts to help you always be the best dressed at your special occasion.   DO ACCESSORISE  Evening Wear generally has fabric that shines or beads and crystals that...

Prom Night

Tips for a Stress Free Prom Night

It’s finally your Prom night ! This is the night to be laughing, dancing and having fun. It is not the night for stress. Here are a few tips to ensure your prom night is stress free.   Pick the right date It is important to remember that...

Matric Dance Colour Trends

Matric Dance Colour Trends 2018

With every New Year comes new beginnings. For us at Amanda Ferri, it marks the beginning of the most exciting time of the year – Matric Dances! The girls we assist are usually full of energy and excitement. What are the Matric Dance Colour Trends...

Matric Dance Trends

2018 Forecast : Matric Dance Trends

Matric Dance Season has arrived ! Majority of schools in Durban schedule their Matric Dances right in the beginning of the year. We like to advise you girls to get organized early to avoid the rush and hectic school timetables in the first term. Here are...

Matric Dance Dress Shopping

Tips for Matric Dance Dress Shopping

Thing to remember when you go matric dance dress shopping. The biggest and most difficult part of any matric dance for a girl is finding their perfect prom dress. Dressing shopping can become frustrating, over bearing and time consuming, but it does not have to be.   Have...

Matric Dance Dress Trends

Top Matric Dance Dress Trends 2017

Matric Dance Dress Trends 2017 is here and with every matric dance dress season brings with it new looks - different cuts, fabrics, colours and flair. Keeping it stylish requires both understanding and utilising the current trends to work for your own body and style.   We’ll...

Matric Dance Planning

Matric Dance Planning : Part 1

Matric Dance Planning Part 1. As it usually is with anything in life, whatever is special, what ever is wonderful takes a lot of time. To our knowledge there are a handful of very special moments a girl waits for: Engagement, Wedding, and baby. However...

Special Occasion Dresses

Special Occasion Dresses To Brag About

With this year coming to an end, we dedicate this blog to all our special clients who we have had the pleasure of dressing for all their special occasions during the year. From matric dances to mother of the brides, we enjoy receiving and remembering...

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