Mother of the Bride


What’s trending : Lace Dress Trend

A timeless classic for any occasion – the lace dress trend is making a comeback this season. Throughout history, the lace trend has graced us with its presence from princesses walking down the aisle, in pure, royal elegance to a sexy and edgy look. As...

Mother Of The Bride Trends

Mother of the Bride Trends 2017 Wedding Season

Dear Mother of the Bride, this is the blog to eliminate your stressful dress shopping process. We have highlighted 8 Mother of the Bride Trends:-   1. Tea Length The first of the Mother of the Bride Trends are rich floral prints in tea length. What's great about...

Mother Of The Bride Dresses

Mother of the Bride Dresses

Your daughter is going to look great—that's a given. Now let's focus on you. What's your style? What type of wedding is it, formal or beach ? What time is the ceremony ? So many factors to consider in choosing mother of the bride dresses,...

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