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Choosing the best dress neckline for you

The dress neckline if chosen correctly should draw the eyes to your face and your other assets, not tear away from them.

Imagine going to a 5 star restaurant and the waiter brings your food, you look down, everything has been put on the plate without any concern as to details or how it looks- you instantly loose your appetite and are left completely disappointed.

As humans we eat with eyes and when our meals come out we first taste them when we see the presentation. That is why it is so important to chose the correct neckline for you and your body as the NECKLINE IS THE GARNISH of the face.

Choosing your dress neckline : Various styles


Before you can choose the right dress neckline you need to know what some necklines there are:

  1. Asymmetrical
  2. Bateau
  3. Bardot
  4. Boat neck
  5. Cowl Neck
  6. Cross over
  7. Drawstring
  8. Edwardian
  9. Gathered
  10. Halterneck
  11. Jewel
  12. Lapels (all different types)
  13. Neckties
  14. Off the shoulder
  15. One shoulder
  16. Roll Neck
  17. Ruffles
  18. Slash
  19. Spaghetti straps
  20. Square
  21. Strapless
  22. Sweetheart
  23. Tank
  24. Turtleneck
  25. V-neck
  26. Elizabethan Collar
  27. Queen Anne

And the list goes on and on…


When choosing which dress neckline would flatter you most there are 6 things to take into consideration:

  1. Face Shape

Stand in front of your mirror and with a marker draw around the shape of your face. Once you move away you can then identify which shape face you have:

-Oval                   -Inverted triangle          -Rectangle         – Heart       -Pear /Oblong        – Square

-Round              – Diamond          -Triangle


Dress Neckline
Choosing your neckline : Face shape


Each shape has a certain or a few certain types of necklines that will enhance the assets of the shape of your face… for example an Oval face shape can wear almost any neckline but if you have an inverted triangular shaped face you better off with a wider neckline, that is higher up rather than lower. If your face is one of the longer face shapes for example Rectangle, Pear or diamond you will want to create with rather than length, so like the oval face shape you should wear high wider necklines. On the contrary with wider faces shapes like Square or Round faces, you would want to create length to balance your face shape and not widen it. So with these face shapes stick to the simple lower and narrower necklines for example a v-neck.


Dress Neckline
Higher necklines suit rectangle, pear or diamond face shapes


Dress Neckline
V necks suit square and round face shapes


2.  Neck

Believe it or not we all have completely different size, shape and length necks which also contribute to the neckline we decide to choose. You could have a short, normal or long neck. It could also be narrow, normal or wide. Knowing the characteristics or your neck will help you choose your neckline, earrings and even scarves. For example a wide short neck should stay away from high wide necklines and instead elongate it with a low neckline and simple details.


Dress Neckline
Short neck ? Opt for a low neckline and simple accessories


3.  Shoulders

Shoulders provide a frame to your neckline. Regular, Broad, Narrow, Sloping. Choose a style that compliments your shoulders. For example if you have Broad shoulders avoid wide necklines that will add width. If you have sloping shoulders avoid strapless or halternecks and instead look at your wider necklines like boat necklines.


Dress Neckline
Broad shoulders ? Opt for halter necks


Dress Neckline
Boat necklines suit narrow shoulders


4.  Decollete Line

This one is generally not thought of.  These are the the types of decollete lines you get : The general rule for your decollete line is as follows:

Short decollete and full bust means the smallest decollete line and you should use clean and neat necklines. If you have a short decollete and normal or small bust your decollete line expands and so does your options of necklines.  A long decollete and small bust means you will have the longest decollete line and a neckline that is cluttered and busy is more flattering, as it will create more volume.


Dress Neckline
Decollete lines



5.  Bust

Large, Normal and small busts will all contribute to your neckline options. Small busts mean you can wear high, busy and wide necklines but should shy away from designs meant to draw the eyes to the cleavage such as plunging neckline as it will flatten the chest even more. Large busts should wear simple neat necklines that draw the attention to your assets, but stay clear of ruffles, rouging and high necklines with a lot of bulk as this will cause your busts to look fuller.


Dress Neckline
Small or normal bust suit high detailed necklines


Dress Neckline
Larger bust suit more plunging or deep necklines


6. Bodyshape

Inverted Triangle, Lean Column, Rectangle, Apple, Neat hour glass, Full Hour Glass. We all fit into one of the 7 body shapes and with these body shapes comes do’s and don’ts. Figure out where your assets are and highlight those. For example if you re a inverted triangle you want to choose a narrow elongated neckline, if you are a triangle you want a wider neckline. The neckline style should bring balance to the shape of your body.


Dress Neckline
Inverted triangle opt for narrower necklines, whilst pears suit wider necklines


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