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Colour of the Year : Ultra Violet

Colour Of The Year : Ultra Violet. Every year brings a new colour ! And lighting the way for the year ahead is a regal looking deep toned purple.


The 2018 Colour Of The Year, Ultra Violet is provocative and thoughtful and oh so dramatic. It communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking.


Colour Of The Year
Colour Of The Year : Ultra Violet


Historically, there’s been a mystical, or spiritual quality attached to Ultra Violet. It is often associated with mindfulness practices which help seek refuge from today’s over-stimulated world. Ultra Violet is often used in mediation spaces as it energizes the communities that gather in that space.


Here are some ways to embrace the Colour Of The Year :-


Bring the ultra violet trend into your daily make-up routine, sweep some violet shadow under neath your eye or all over for a bold ultra violet look. Or keep a fresh faced look with a dramatic ultra violet lip.


Colour Of The Year
Ultra-violet makeup


The Colour Of The Year has also stormed its way into nail and hair salons. Opt for an accent nail or a full ultra violet set. Want a dramatic hair change speak to you hair stylist about incorporating ultra violet in your hair.


Colour Of The Year
Ultra-violet manis and hair


Find your dress inspiration from these celebs to embrace the ultra-violet trend in your wardrobe.


Colour Of The Year
Ultra-violet outfits


Not a fan of so much purple ? Then stay on trend with your accessories. From ultra-violet heels to earrings and bags, pop your favourite LBD with the colour of the year.

Colour Of The Year
Ultra Violet Accessories


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