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Deciphering The Dress Code

Yes October is in full swing and brings us to the beginning of awards season and other black tie events. Whether corporate or personal, this blog will shed some light on how to decipher the different Dress Codes on your invitation.


White Tie

This first dress code is the epitome of regal elegance. Ladies are to wear a floor length formal gown with white gloves, and hair styled in an updo. Men are to wear the whole shabang when it comes to the suit, i.e. Suit, vest and white bow tie.


Dress Code



Black Tie

The black tie dress code is mostly widely used when it comes to formal events. Here women are to wear floor length formal gown with heels and men in the ‘classic James Bond’ black tuxedo.


Dress Code

Elegant or formal attire

A step down in formality from black tie is the elegant or formal attire dress code. Gentleman can wear a tux if they would like, but it’s not required; a classic suit and tie is ideal. Ladies should wear long, formal dress however, a tea-length or knee length cocktail dress is also suitable.


Dress Code


For men, this dress code calls for a dark suit with a tie. For women, short dresses that are party-ready. Your safest choice would be a little black dress and dress it up with fun jewelry. However, if you’d rather wear color, opt for something bright and feminine.


Dress Code


A dress code that is popular on invitations around the festive season. Festive attire is similar to cocktail attire, but with a touch of holiday flair, think a sparkly sequin dress or a red satin skirt. For men opt for a suit with holiday-themed tie.


Dress Code

Smart Casual

The final dress code requires a degree of polish. For women flats (excluding flip flops) or heels are acceptable. Men can wear jeans, chinos or suit pants with a smart shirt or a dressed up T. No ties required here.


Dress Code




When in doubt stick to the rule that it’s always better to be overdressed than to be underdressed. Visit our showroom for all your formal functions. We would love to dress you!