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Dress Tips : Mother of the Bride and Groom

Personal etiquette  is usually for the mother of the bride to buy her dress for the wedding first and then notify the mother of the groom.

The mother of the bride usually notifies the mother of the groom about her colour, length and formality.  Looking good is just as important for the mother of the bride as it is for the mother of the groom but this all depends on the bride in the end. It is important to consult the couple. It is important for them to clue you up on their wedding day vision,the style they are going for, the colours they have selected etc.

Some tips to guide you in looking for your perfect dress :-

  • Start looking for a dress early. This will give you plenty of time to look around to find something you love , schedule dress fittings and any alterations if need be.
  • Some brides prefer their mothers to wear the same colour palette as the bridal party. Mother of the grooms usually wear the colours that are similar to the bridal party as well but this all depends on the bride.  An important factor to remember is that you want to complement the day not clash with it.
Sage green mother of the bride dress with lace accents
  • Choose your style carefully. Dont not upstage the wedding couple but this does not mean you have to look frumpy and old fashioned. Depending on the formality of the wedding a formal dress or cocktail dress can be stunning for both mother of the brides and mother of the grooms. I mean how often do you get to step in a gorgeous gown! Consult the bride about the dress but try to compromise. As  much as it is about her , its your dress so it is very important that you feel beautiful as well.
Mocha full length mother of the bride dress with lace detail
Light champagne mother of the bride dress with matching bolero













  • It is also important that both looks for the mother of the bride and mother of the groom do not clash. Have a conversation to get a better understanding of  what each other plans on wearing, styles, colours etc.  If  both of you want to wear the same colour go for a different hue and style or come to a compromise.

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