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Dress Trends : Love = Navy Dress

For the love of the Navy Dress … the black alternative! Tired of all your little black dresses hanging up in your wardrobe? Looking for a new colour that will still make you look slim but also goes with your skin tone? Welcome to the alternate world of NAVY.


The dark blue colour is often mistaken for black in certain lighting but has the mysterious effect of changing shade depending on the angle as well as the light. Navy conveys a sense of confidence, power, as well as intelligence. The Navy Dress portrays a sense of elegance, sophistication and importance.

Depending on your function there are various ways the Navy Dress can be worn :-

The classic way

A plain Navy Dress with silver accessories is a look that can be worn to every function. Wedding guest? You won’t be drawing too much attention to yourself while still looking fabulous. Corporate function? Sophistication and subtleness is key so there is really no other way to go.


Navy Dress


Navy Dress


The funky way

A Navy Dress with a white,nude, or rose gold colour blocking pallet to funk up your look. This look will be perfect for a mother of the bride or mother of the groom. It will also look great at a birthday bash or engagement celebration.


Navy Dress

Navy Dress

The daring way

Imagine a Navy Dress with splashes of yellow or orange designs to give your look that edgy vibe to match your vibe. Rock this style to birthday bashes, the Durban July and even holiday parties.


Navy Dress


Navy Dress


Remember ladies navy is a gender-neutral colour so getting your date to match you will be a cinch. Goodbye long drawn out arguments. This is a colour which goes with every skin tone so no need to worry about it washing you out or blending in.