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Dresses For Black Tie Events

Let’s begin with a myth. You can only wear long dresses to Black Tie Events. No! Ladies this is 100% not true. Usually women are more comfortable in a long dress at an event so formal, but ladies if you are comfortable and confident enough to wear a cocktail dress, let nothing stop you.


There are however a few tips and tricks that keep you looking elegant and chic instead of trashy and out of place. Tips for wearing a cocktail dress to black tie events keep in mind:


  • Cut outs are out. Rather keep this style for a long dress as you are showing all that sexy leg it is best to leave somethings to the imagination. Remember sophisticated elegance is always more attractive
Black Tie Events
Less is more


  • Lace up stilettos are the way to go. Not only are they on trend, they also help elongate your legs
Black Tie Events
Trendy lace up stilettos


  • Don’t be afraid to shine. Remember bling never goes out of style, so don’t be afraid to wear a beaded or sequined cocktail dress. If you feel it to be too much, play it down on the jewellery and choose simple heels.
Black Tie Events
Beaded dress ? Keep accessories simple


If you do go the classic long dress route, don’t be afraid to have fun with it. Here is how :

  • Accessories that simple black dress! Many love that classic black dress and simple stiletto heel. That’s great, but why not update it up a bit? Platform heels, chandelier earrings and a chunky collar necklace should do the job


Black Tie Events
Statement accessories


  • Trendy slits ! Yes! Ladies we all have gorgeous legs that should be allowed to be admired. Don’t shy away from the opportunity. It creates another dimension to a simple dress and a wow factor to a more beaded dress. Obviously be mindful on how high the slit goes.
Black Tie Events
Trendy slits


  • Sleeves? Yes please! For a more conservative look for your black tie events, sleeves are the answer. Covering up is no longer seen as old fashioned, in fact it helps create a well defined silhouette and highlights your shape beautifully.
Black Tie Events

Black Tie Events


For those ladies being accompanied by their man, remember he has to work around you. Find your dress first and then find him a tie/ bow tie to match, even if it is his function. His greatest award of the night, will be having you by his side. Visit our showroom for all your Black Tie Events.