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Dressing Your Bridal Party

Dressing Your Bridal Party

Style guidelines for dressing your bridal party so that every look is picture perfect and in co-ordinance with their overall wedding style.

When choosing the colour for your bridal party they don’t all have to wear the same colour or cut – despite what one or more family members think. It is important to let each bridesmaid exude her own personal style, after all they have been hand picked for a reason. However, if you don’t have an eye for colour, it can be tricky to tell which hues go together. That’s when you should look to Mother Nature for inspiration ! Look at different shades of flowers that occur in nature and compare them with the flowers you have chosen for your wedding.

Dressing your Bridal Party

Shades of Coral

Don’t conform to everyone has to have cocktail length or full length dresses. Instead mix the hemline to the heights of your bridal party. This allows everyone to choose what works best on her body. Plus, it makes your bridal party look more interesting and stylish as a whole. Change it up within the group, or keep the bridesmaids in short dresses and let your MOH, MOB or MOG be dressed in longer length dresses. Embrace lace, tulle, sleek silk and boho chiffon to add a romantic texture to your bridal party dresses.

Dressing your bridal party

Different Hemlines

Don’t be afraid of prints ! Once upon a time, bridesmaids wore only a single, solid head-to-toe hue. Not anymore. For a fresh feel, play with pattern. If you’re not ready to commit to a parade of prints walking down your aisle, try one on just your MOH. Remember to stick to a palette of no more than three shades to keep your lineup charming, not chaotic. It’s also fun to gather similarly themed patterns.

Dressing your Bridal Party


Lastly, let them shine ! Who says your bridal party has to be understated? Sequins, beads, and studs can add sparkle and texture to your ceremony without being too flashy, as long as you keep dress shapes simple and necklines demure. Added bonus to this look,  no major jewelry required.

Dressing your Bridal Party

Sequins and lace


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