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Durban July 2018 : What To Wear

There is something beautiful about a Flawless Lady. A lady that carries a dress and doesn’t let the dress carry her. She is Timeless. As July creeps up on us, I’m sure the question “what do I wear the Vodacom Durban July?” Starts to creep in too.

Well this year’s Durban July theme, is one of our favourites “It is Time”. It stirs up a feeling of class and sophistication. With it comes the iconic names like Cathryn Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Diana Ross, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Jacky Kennedy and so many more. So what was it about these ladies that brought people to silence and AWE? 


Durban July


These ladies knew how to make a statement without demanding one! Nothing they wore screamed “please notice me!”, they stuck to timeless beautiful dresses and elegant silhouettes. 

Today, lets run through a few timeless examples and the 7 point rule to help you choose your outfit this July.

  1. The LBD – never over done and always classic!
  2. A fully sequin dress
  3. A Straight cut dress
  4. A fit and flare 
  5. A classic slit- not too high otherwise it becomes cheap


Durban July


Durban July


When you choosing the perfect dress for your body try remember these 7 rules:


  1. Don’t Focus on Trends. Classic and timeless is not a fad or trend its a everyday type of lifestyle.
  2. Avoid Sloppy Silhoettes. A tailored look, carries a feeling of richness and class.
  3. Stick to classic shoes. DocMartins are not for the Durban July however, block heel or a classic, vintage styled slip on shoe.
  4. Have a go-to outfit formula. Always have a ‘Go-to’ outfit that is clean cut and flattering to your body type. For example, a A line dress etc.
  5. Don’t over accessorize. This doesn’t mean avoid your diamonds and pearls, however avoid your Madonna look and wear minimal but gorgeous jewelry. For this year’s Durban July in particular, I would recommend diamonds and pearls.
  6. Invest in outerwear. Quite often we wear jackets and coats, so invest in a beautiful clean line statement jacket. Remember when you wearing it, it’s what a lot of people see so don’t let it steal from your look or over power you.
  7. Stick to flattering looks. Wear a style that flatters your body!


Visit our showroom and enjoy your timeless Durban July 2018 !