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Durban July Accessories

‘Whatever suits of cards you wear take the inside track. It’s the styling card you should play. To be the leader of the pack’. Here’s our favourite accessories for this year’s Durban July Leader of the Pack.



In the 20th century any decoration and adornment in the hair symbolized royalty, however elaborate and creative or simple. This Durban July come with your hair adorned as simple or elaborate or creative as you like and feel like royalty. Tips for wearing it right :

A fascinator is light weight and is only to compliment hairstyles and never hide or overpower them. Fascinators should be worn at an angle and this helps to accentuate the hairstyle. The colour and style of your fascinator should compliment your outfit as well. The best way to do this is to remember to match colours but don’t go wearing all the same colour. If you decide to wear black use a pop of colour with your fascinator for example red or white. Also rule of thumb is if you’re wearing an elaborate dress choose a simpler less detailed fascinator and vice versa.


Durban July Accessories
Durban July Accessories : Fascinator



Gloves are definitely a fashion that comes and goes. However, they are the perfect accessory for dress up  and in the time we living where vintage and Gatsby new avant garde, gloves are perfect. Since the theme is leader of the pack go for elegant long lace gloves or short if you are wearing a cocktail dress. Nothing says royal, classy and leader like a nice set of classy gloves. Try avoid anything too wintery that gives the impression your hands are cold.


Durban July Accessories
Durban July Accessories : Gloves



Winter’s favourite trendy accessory. Nothing ruins a chic sexy dress like a huge trench coat. Shawls ideal for evening dresses and can often enhance an outfit. Try some fake furs, a cape or wraps. Whatever you remember to blend or match colours for example a brown faux fur shawl says I am elegant, classy and sophisticated.


Durban July Accessories
Durban July Accessories : Faux fur shawl


Durban July Accessories
Durban July Accessories : Chiffon shawl


Statement neck piece

One of my favorite accessories! Be the leader of the pack by your outfit up with a statement neck piece.  The first question to ask yourself when choosing one is “what does my neckline on my outfit look like” higher necklines are stunning with short neck pieces where as the lower the neckline the more you can playwith the length of the neck piece. Neck pieces work well especially with a  simpler outfit by adding that wow factor. Go trending with layering neck pieces or statement chokers.


Durban July Accessories
Durban July Accessories : Statement neck piece


Glamourous clutch

It is essential that for such a long day you remember a clutch bag, and a decent size one! Being females we good at carrying everybodys’ stuff for them. Trypur clutch in with the theme, remembering to lead from the front by making a statement with your clutch bag. Essentials for the Durban July , your cellphone for selfies – obviously, lipstick, money, your ticket, deodrant, gum and hairbrush.

Durban July Accessories
Durban July Accessories : Glamourous Clutch


Keeping you looking your best at this year’s Durban July. Showroom open weekdays 9am to 4.30pm  and Saturdays 9am to 2pm.