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Your Durban July Dress 2017

Your Durban July Dress this year, as in Magic, the magician has to really think out the box, so in dressing for this year’s racing event we encourage all our readers think out the box.


We are aware that red is the highlighted colour of the day however when wearing red or any other colour remember your creative and personal flare.  Expect the unexpected and let your imagination run wild with your Durban July Dress.

In keeping all things magic inspired we bring you these top looks for this prestigious racing event …

Magic Term : Colour change 

Changing the colour of an object (e.g. Changing one card into another right in front of the spectator’s eyes, as opposed to switching two cards secretly). Magic comes with an explosion of colour, mystery and illusion. Try a Durban July dress with contrasting bright lining. This look works well with black dresses where the lining is in a bright neon or red. 

Durban July Dress


Magic Term : Blind Shuffle/Blind Cut

 A cut or apparent shuffle in which the cards appear mixed but all of the cards are left completely undisturbed after the shuffle or cut.This year keep all eyes on you with the cut out trend. Wear this look strategically over your waist to emphasis your curves, or embrace the drama with a plunging open back or sky high cut slit.


Durban July Dress


Magic Term : Egg bag

A utility bag often made of black velvet which can be turned inside out to vanish an object (egg) or change one object for another. Try a few different luxurious textured fabrics, to bring out the illusion of  the magicians tools. Choose fabrics such as velvet, crushed suede, satin, tulle. Use a combination of these and strike a pose at this year’s Durban July.


Durban July Dress



Magic Term : Magic dust

Invisible substance stored in magician’s pocket that supposedly makes tricks work. Excuse for going to a pocket to get rid of a vanished item. Choose a dress that gives the illusion of magic dust, like a nude mesh with encrusted rhinestones or a fabric with a high sheen or glitter in it. Or dazzle the night away with shimmery sequins !




Magic Term : Pull

 A device of elastic which pulls an object up the sleeves. Pull off your Durban July look with a trendy sleeved dress. Choose either an embellished, lace or sheer fabric to complete this ultimate glamorous look!


Durban July Dress


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