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Evening Wear : Do’s and Don’ts

With so many misconceptions around formal events, these are our top evening wear do’s and don’ts making sure you’re always the best dressed at any special occasion.


The biggest misconception around Formal Wear is that, one would think that you need not accessorise when wearing fabric which glitters, is decked in beads or covered in eye-catching crystals. WRONG. The trick is determining what type of dress you have. This will guide you towards the right accessories to use. If your dress is heavily beaded, stick to something simple. If you’re wearing a dress made from a plain fabric like a Crepe or Velvet then go for a statement earring and maybe even a neckpiece. If you do a statement earring, often it’s best to match it with a bracelet and no necklace, so the outfit isn’t busy. If you want to do the earrings with the neckpiece then you could look at doing a matching set of earrings and a necklace. What if your evening dress is in a print? Try to pick up one of the colours in the print to accessorise the dress.

Evening Wear


This is a bit of a tough one because we all have things we like and dislike about our body, but wearing the correct silhouette for your body type is one of the best things you could do for yourself. If you have an athletic shape try to go for for something that softens your body, like thick satin or tulle. If you are pear shaped, choose a dress that’s fitted on the bodice and slightly A- line. Slim bodies often need more shape, so go for a fabric that hugs your body and flows at the bottom to appear curvier. If the event is fancier than most, you might want to consider a beautiful ballgown. Lastly, if you are curvier go for styling details that make you look slimmer like rouching on the waistline, draping on the skirt and nipped in at the waist. 

Evening Wear


Formal events call for more make up so don’t be shy in this regard. Go for colours that suit your skin and compliment the colour of your dress. If the dress is a solid dark colour you could look at doing a bright lip which will make your look pop. However, do remember not to overdo your make up as it could end up drowning or cheapening your whole look.

Evening Wear




If you are a person that is always at events this won’t apply to you ,but most of us aren’t If you are a person that is always at events this won’t apply to you, but most of us aren’t always at occasions that call for formal attire, so the whole process of getting a dress can be daunting. To those, our advice would be: don’t choose a dress that will make you feel like you’re not yourself and don’t choose something that is too revealing if this makes you uncomfortable. Step out your comfort zone in terms of colour or styling but don’t choose a silhouette that will cause you to not enjoy the event. After all this doesn’t happen often so you have to enjoy! 


It is always better to be over-dressed at an event than to be under-dressed. So if you are feeling your dress but think it’s too much, go for it regardless. Especially if it is your night. 

During our current predicament, it’s discouraging to dress up or host your special occasion. However, a small but glamorous evening with 30 of your closest friends and family is still possible. Decorate the garden, get your hair and nails done, put on your gorgeous dress, do your make up and celebrate. Life changes but life goes on. Mark your special occasions, create memories with those who matter most and stay safe and healthy!