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Every Dress Tells A Story

Without even realizing it, every dress tells a story.  Some tell a story of discomfort, some tell a story of individuality and some a story of elegance and sophistication. One needs to be aware that what we wear doesn’t simple clothe our bodies but expresses who we are in the most intimate way.


We need to be careful what we are telling people, for example a dress too short or too revealing depending on age can either tell a story of young and fun or trying too hard. Here at Amanda Ferri, our clients choose a dress that always has a background story attached to it. We love listening to reasons as to why they love a certain dress. Some stories are heart wrenching, hear warming and some are funny or cute but non the less always unique and wonderful.


Every Dress
Every Dress Tells A Story : Listening to the background story


Our favourite dresses are the ones that cause our clients to light up with a smile, once we even had a girl singing and dancing in her dress she was so happy. We think the most important thing when choosing a dress, is be true to yourself! Ask yourself:
Am I comfortable?
Does this represent who I am?
Do I love the dress or do I love how I feel in it?
What message is this dress sending?


Every Dress
Every Dress Tells A Story : Be true to yourself


Firstly, even though we may not realize it, its very obvious when someone is uncomfortable in their dress! We notice it from a mile away. I’m sure you have walked past a girl and seen her feeling self conscience in what she’s wearing or uncomfortable? (It usually accompanies fidgeting, shifting of the dress and covering of the dress either with arms or a constant jacket.)


Every Dress
Every Dress Tells A Story : Be comfortable


Let’s be honest often we see a dress fall in love with it but when we put it on, we are uncomfortable or the dress steals the show or it is just not us. Now some people will bow out gracefully and then there’s people like me who would choose the dress and be uncomfortable all night. Trust me from experience it is better to choose something you ‘love how you feel in’ rather than ‘something you love’ -its very obvious when you don’t feel yourself!


Every Dress
Every Dress Tells A Story : Love How You Feel


Secondly, don’t necessarily opt for the trends, some trends don’t represent who we are. Always choose a dress that makes YOU shine not what is popular. We know this is hard when we young but remember UNIQUENESS is always trendy!


Every Dress
Every Dress Tells A Story : Be Unique


Lastly remember to dress appropriately for your occasion, your age and personality. Try not send messages out that are going to cause you trouble, drama or discomfort in anyway.


Every Dress
Every Dress Tells A Story : Be Appropriate


We look forward to seeing your beautiful glowing smiles in your gorgeous dresses, sending out a wonderful story! Visit us, and remember…

Love what you wearing, but most importantly love yourself!