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Fashion’s new buzzword: Loungewear

We are all spending far more time at home, where many days are spent slouching around in worn-out trackpants or old husband t-shirts. Not only are they unflattering, but looking “unkept” also makes one feel unmotivated and flat. There is something about getting ready for the day that lifts your spirits.

We have been pursuing the perfect balance of relaxed and comfortable clothing that is simultaneously effortless and elegant. “Loungewear” has become the latest fashion buzz word and we think it’s here to stay. We are all prioritizing what we buy and what we wear. Even when our lives return to normal, we will have created a “work from home” look which easily makes the transition from home-office worker or mum, to a luncheon with friends. Think jogger pants worn with slides at home to wearing them to lunch with super trendy sneakers or strappy sandals.

The psychology of “dressing for work”, even though you may be at the dining table all day, is being unpacked and the experts are suggesting that self-care and “getting ready” improves productivity and mental health.

Dress for the day! Whether you choose a luxe loungewear set, flowy kaftan or a comfy jogger set, you can still look super stylish.  We have created a collection that includes luxe sleepwear sets in silky satin and pure cottons, embellished kaftans that are as fitting for a day at home as they are for cocktails on the patio, jogger sets in plush fabrics for cosy days at home or a dinner date. The focus of the collection is versatility, glamour and day-to-day wear. 

It’s so important to take time out for yourself, find a moment to slip into a bubble bath with scented candles and just unwind from a day at the computer or running around after children, you deserve this sanctuary time.

Some important self-care tips to put into practice are:

  • A morning routine: whether it includes meditation or finding a quiet spot with your cup of coffee contemplating the day ahead. The time you spend at the beginning of your day sets the tone for what lies ahead.
  • Exercise: whatever it is that you enjoy. Make a point of putting aside some time to get your body moving, joints lubricated and your heart rate elevated. It doesn’t have to be overly exerting, just keep moving.
  • Healthy eating: we all know this but it’s probably more important than ever to properly nourish our bodies.
  • A smattering of make-up and hair pulled up or back: it’s just about that feeling you get when you look good.

Take care and stay safe beautiful ladies.