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Grade 11 Dance : Cocktail Dress Trends

Have a Grade 11 Dance coming up and unsure what to where? ┬áThen this is the blog for you. Here are the latest cocktail dress trends for your Grade 11 Dance …


1. Go Strapless

Strapless cocktail dresses offer a very clean defined look. Whether it’s a perfectly straight strapless bodice or an slighted rounded one, the emphasis is the same, i.e. Your feminine shoulders and neck. For a more glamourous look go for detail on the bodice, from beads to rhinestones, your choices are endless.


Grade 11 Dance
Strapless cocktail dresses


2. Asymmetrical lines

Break the predictable and go asymmetrical. Incorporate this cocktail dress trend in either the bodice or hemline to create another dimension to your dress. Remember this is not your Matric Dance so aim for more sass and less elegance.


Grade 11 Dance
Asymmetrical Cocktail Dresses


3. Choose Lush

Go for lush looking fabrics, like velvet, feathers or leather. This trend is all about texture. You don’t have to incorporated this trend all in one dress ! For example, a dress with velvet panel detail or leather bodice detail.


Grade 11 Dance
Lush cocktail dresses


4. Sleeves

This look works best with a very short hemline, otherwise it could look more dowdy then fun and flirty. Aim for lace or sheer sleeves to really use this trend to its potential.


Grade 11 Dance
Sleeved cocktail dresses


5. Cutouts

This trend is very flattering when placed in the right position. On the rib cage or hip area is key ! Remember this old saying when choosing this trend for your Grade 11 dance – less is more !


Grade 11 Dance
Cutout Cocktail Dresses


6. Fabric Mashup

Combining different fabrics gives your Grade 11 dance dress a more unique feel. Try these combinations : sheer + sequins, lace + beads, tulle + lace.


Grade 11 Dance
Fabric mash up cocktail dresses


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