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Let’s talk Grade 11 Dance Dresses

It’s that time of year again, your Grade 11 Dance. If you are unsure what to wear then look no further. Here are our top 5 trends for your Grade 11 Dance Dress.

The A-Line Skirt

Starting off our top trends for your Grade 11 dance is the A-line skirt. Accentuates your waist perfectly and most of them come with an added bonus … pockets! Make sure you keep the length of this type of skirt shortish to avoid looking too mature and matronly.

The Low Back

This dress trend is one that is proving to be sticking around, the low back. The low back has many variations, straight across, rounded, triangular or accompanied by criss-crossed straps. Choose the variation that best suits your body and confidence.

Grade 11 Dance

The Pencil Skirt

Not a fan of flared skirts? Then this is the trend for you, the pencil skirt. This skirt hugs the body perfectly and really shows off your assets. Top tip : make sure this skirt is made in a stretch fabric, and don’t make the hemline too short to avoid your dress riding up all the time.

Grade 11 Dance

Off the Shoulder

Show off those collar bones and choose our next trend, the off the shoulder dress. This trend is in high demand, and works equally beautiful when teamed with a fitted or flared skirt. Again, for comfortable wearing make sure the bodice is in a stretch fabric so you don’t feel too constricted at your dance.

Grade 11 Dance

Shoestring Straps

Our final Grade 11 dance dress trend is the shoestring straps. These feminine straps are pretty and delicate therefore complementary to all evening dresses. They give the illusion of wearing a bare shouldered strapless dress that usually keeps slipping down while you are wearing it.

Make your appointment today at your showroom and let our style team help find you your special Grade 11 Dance Dress.