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How To Dress As A Wedding Guest

Need a Wedding Guest Dress? Here are a few pointers on how to dress as a wedding guest :-

Weddings are meant to be joyous events, so while an outfit is important, enjoying the event with the happy couple is even more important. In most cases the wedding invitation will dictate what to wear to a wedding, but if not, then hopefully these tips will help you out.

There are a range of other factors that may influence you when choosing your wedding guest dress. These include the season, weather, location, and time of day. When choosing what to wear to a wedding, it’s important to choose an outfit that is dressy but also remembering to use your judgement and choose a dress you feel most comfortable in. Most wedding invitations specify a dress code – black tie, formal, cocktail, smart casual etc. If a dress code is not specified then a cocktail dress will do the trick.

Wedding Guest Dress
Hi-low cocktail dress with lace bodice

Choose a demure, feminine style that is wells suited to the occasion. Avoid anything too tight or too shiny. If the wedding is outdoors and during the day, then shorter dresses are also acceptable. If the wedding is a formal or black tie event then a formal evening dress may be in order. There’s the age old rule that wedding guests shouldn’t wear white for fear of upstaging the bride. However, you can get away with wearing variations of the colour white. Daytime weddings are perfect for wearing colour while nighttime weddings are suited for darker, more subdued tones. Dresses with patterns and prints are also great if you’re not sold on wearing block colours.

Wedding Guest Dress
3 elegant formal full length dresses suitable for a black tie wedding.

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