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LBD Dress Style For The Festive Season

With the festive season approaching rapidly it is time to call on your LBD ! The LBD dress style is perfect for any event over the festive season.

The pun is what makes a little black dress. Coco Chanel, the inventor who we owe all the fashion dress style respect to for the never aging look, the LBD, was designed with the intentions of one dress, worn to many different events, special occasions and functions. The LBD premises is to be timeless and figure appropriate.


LBD Dress Style


These are the two basic rules we need to remember when shopping for that LBD. The first dress style rule is less is more. The idea of the LBD is to be timeless, hence, “a lot more functions,” when a dress is timeless it means it will never go out of fashion, and it will never date. Not only does this allow you to use the dress more than once, which is the biggest deciding factor when purchasing a special occasion dress. A glamourous woman is timeless and chic, she portrays uniqueness is herdress style yet still being trendy.


LBD Dress Style


The second basic rule to finding your perfect LBD, does not apply to the LBD only, but to fashion in general, finding a dress suitable for your figure and body shape is the golden rule! A short LBD dress style might be sexy, but is short for you ? midi length dresses are so trendy, but is a midi length dress for you ? should you go for a fit and flare dress style ? or a fitted dress style like bodycon LBD. The answers to these questions is the golden rule, dressing for your particular figure and feeling beautiful in your dress style choice. Once you’ve mastered these two rules, timelessness and figure fitting, you are sure to find your perfect LBD and not just feel comfortable but look your ultimate best, for a lot more evening functions or special occasions !

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