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Matric Dance Colour Trends 2018

With every New Year comes new beginnings. For us at Amanda Ferri, it marks the beginning of the most exciting time of the year – Matric Dances! The girls we assist are usually full of energy and excitement. What are the Matric Dance Colour Trends for this year ?


Here are a few of our popular matric dance dress colours to get you started on this exciting journey.


1. Burgundy

Named after the colour of red wines coming from Burgundy vineyards in France, with it’s tint of purple to separate it from its traditional maroon colour. This matric dance colour trend signifies sophistication and ambition. So, if you’re thinking of leaning towards a dark colour, but you do not wish to wear black – a rich burgundy will be your ideal choice.


Matric Dance Colour Trends
Matric Dance Colour Trends : Burgundy



2. Navy

Used in the British Royal Navy, this colour conveys importance, confidence and unity. This matric dance colour trend is versatile because it looks good on all skin tones. Navy is also known as the black alternative, carrying a sense of elegance and sophistication.


Matric Dance Colour Trends
Matric Dance Colour Trends : Navy



3. Black

This is the eptimony of classic elegance for special occasions. It is simple yet elegant at the same time and this gives rise to its mystical element. Black may not express emotion, but by concealing emotions, it sends out signals of mystery, intrigue, seduction, style and power.


Matric Dance Colour Trends
Matric Dance Colour Trends : Black


4. Green

Any shade of green sends out signals of renewal, growth, energy, freshness, hope and calmness. These are all the right vibes that you need to keep you going through your matric experience – so why not start the year off with these positive vibes? A khaki or olive green are also a great choice for your matric dance dress.


Matric Dance Colour Trends


5. Blush Pink

This colour represents a gentle type of love because of the calming effect it often has on people. It is also linked to innocence, hope, optimism and youth. A blush pink suggests tenderness, care and female strength which every girl needs to survive her matric year !


Matric Dance Colour Trends


Now that you have chosen your favourite colour, find your matric dance style, click here.