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Matric Dance Dress Accessories

Time for Matric Dance Accessories ! Shoes, earrings, bracelets, bags… Accessories are a major factor for every matric dance dress. They can either enhance or detract from your chosen dress.

The first thing to understand about accessories is that they need to be tailored to suit every dress and personality. What works with a certain colour or style may not work for something else. So before buying your matric dance accessories, ask yourself these 3 questions…


When do I keep myself to a minimum?

  • If your matric dance dress is fully sequined
  • If your matric dance dress has lots of detail

In these situations, consider wearing plain earrings and a clutch. You may even want to wear no accessories.


Matric Dance Accessories


When can I have over the top accessories?

  • If your matric dance dress is simple

BUT BE CAREFUL! All your accessories cannot be over the top. This will make your matric dance dress too busy. So choose a statement piece e.g. a necklace


Matric Dance Accessories


How do I match my style with my accessories?

  • Don’t wear a necklace if your matric dance dress is a one shoulder or has a high neck
  • If your dress has any beadwork, try to find accessories that are the same colour and design. Example: If your matric dance dress has silver beadwork, don’t wear gold accessories


Matric Dance Accessories
At Amanda Ferri , these are our general tips when choosing your accessories whether it’s a matric dance or other special occasion …

  • Your shoes and your bag should match
  • The colour and style of your accessories should match
  • Keep the occasion in mind.
    Example: if the occasion is very formal, don’t wear accessories that are too casual i.e. ‘junk jewellery’
  • Choose accessories that draw attention to the parts of your body that you love the most
    Example: If your dress is short or has a slit, choose shoes that are a bit more fancy, as people will be able to see them and this will only show off your legs even more


Styling you for head to toe, from the matric dance dress to earrings, cuffs, clutch bags and shoes. We pride ourselves of making sure every matric dance girl looks her absolute best for her special matric dance night.