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Matric Dance Dress : Ferri Tale Project

This year we launched our Ferri Tale project, helping matric girls live out their well deserved Cinderella evening. We aspired to help 10 hard working girls who do not have the luxury of purchasing their Matric Dance Dress.


This year we reached out to Parkhill Secondary school who identified 10 well deserved girls, including their head girl, to take part in our Matric Dance Dress project. Their dedication to their school work and good behaviour were some of the factors that were considered in the selection process.


Matric Dance Dress
Ferri Tale Project : Parkhill Secondary matric dance ladies


Amanda and here style team packed up a variety of matric dance dresses and surprised these young ladies at school for an opportunity to choose, try on and find their perfect matric dance dress. On arrival at the school we were greeted with overwhelming gratitude and excitement from these special young ladies. We spent two hours with the young ladies getting to know their individual personalities and style in order to help them find their beautiful Ferri Tale Matric Dance Dress.


Matric Dance Dress
Ferri Tale Project : Amanda dressing the girls in their chosen Matric Dance Dress


Their Matric Dance was held on the July 2016 at Gateway Hotel. Their theme was Casino Royal. The room was decorated to perfection with elements of the theme all around. All the young ladies and gentlemen were dressed to impress but none shone brighter than our young ladies dressed to perfection in their chosen Matric Dance Dress, with their glowing smile. Our young ladies were ever so grateful that the Head Girl made a point of it to say thanks in her award winning speech. The girls danced the night away, laughing and just having fun. It was a night to let go and breathe. As times draws closer to their trial exams and ultimately their final exams we wish them all the best, we know they have a bright future ahead.


Matric Dance Dress
Ferri Tale Project : Our selected ladies in their Matric Dance Dress on the night


Thanks to Mrs Smerdon and Mrs Maharaj for their help and co operation in making this all possible and giving these young ladies a night to remember. The Ferri Project will continue. If there are any schools wanting to take part please email [email protected]