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Matric Dance Make-up

It’s important to choose your Matric Dance Make-up and hairstyle after you choose your matric dance dress. When it comes to make-up, a good rule of thumb to follow is to either play up the eyes or the mouth. Then take your cues from your matric dance dress. Would smokey eyes look best or should you go for a really bright pink lipstick?


We always recommend trying on the dress and then playing with your hair in the mirror with a friend or family member helping you decide what would look best: An updo? Wearing hair down? Curls? A braid?

For matric dance make-up inspiration steal some of these glamourous looks from our favourite celebs :-

All over toasty gold :

To get Emily blunts sparkling yet subtle makeup, wash a shimmery, neutral gold shadow over the entire eye, blending into the inner corners. Sweep a darker bronze shadow underneath the eye and into the crease, and use a golden peachy bronzer to contour the cheeks.


Matric Dance Make-up

The Glossy Red lip :

This season’s red has a candy apple texture that make lips look luscious. To get a clean outline like Leighton Meester‘s, fill in lips with red pencil, apply gloss using a lip brush, and use the same pencil touch up the edges.

Matric Dance Make-up










The jewel toned smokey eye :

To get Ashley Greene‘s look, swipe a navy shadow over the entire lid, smudging what’s left on the brush along the lower lash line. Layer a shimmery blue on the center of the eye, and add a pearly white highlight at the inner corners.


Matric Dance Make-up










Dewy Goodness :

A great way to create luminous looking skin every day is to use a face oil as your moisturizer, and add liquid highlighting products to  your foundation or bb cream. Using cream blush on the apple of the cheeks adds just enough color while keeping the theme of creamy, highlighted skin.

Matric Dance Make-up










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