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Matric Dance Planning : Part 2

Matric Dance planning part 2 focuses on putting your Matric Dance look together …



The next step in your Matric dance planning is your finishing touches aka your accessories. As it is well known accessories pull an outfit together but it can also pull it apart. We have written many blogs in the past about pairing up accessories, shoes and bag. But for a quick review, remember these :-

1. If  you are wearing a high neckline or a busy neckline, it is much more flattering to go with statement earrings, bangles and rings rather than necklaces.

2. Remember to match the colour of your dress with your jewelry. For example nude and rose gold, or navy and silver etc.

3. This night is not the type of night you want to carry a huge bag around so choose a clutch that is stylish, elegant and has enough space to carry the essentials such as phone and lipstick.

4. Shoes are an important part of your dress, match your colours or contrast your colours strategically and remember you are planning to wear them the whole night so try buy a pair that are comfortable, in this case the beauty is not worth the pain.


Matric Dance Planning
Matric dance Planning : Accessories



This is the most important part of a matric dance. Always consider your body shape, your favourite colours and your personality and style. Everybody suits dresses differently, someones style may not suit you whereas your style may not suit another, so try remain as an individual and show off the person you are. When going to buy your dress prepare yourself by doing the following:

1. Google and look for IDEAS of what styles and colours you like

2. Prepare yourself to be open minded and receptive to input and advice

3. Wear the correct underwear

4. Know what colours you dislike and like

5. Take a very good friend (who wont be obsessed or jealous) or a family member, in this case more is not the merrier and it does tend to cause more confusion than anything else.


Matric Dance Planning
Matric Dance Planning : Your dress


Visit our showroom for your Matric dance and let us put your whole Matric Dance look together from the dress to accessories and make-up.