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Matric Dance : Striking your best pose

A big event in one’s school career such as your Matric dance calls for hundreds of photos to be taken. Not all of us are that comfortable in front of a camera at the best of times, so to ensure you look your best in your Matric dance photos here are some tips to nail your perfect pose ….


Rule 1 : Think Positive thoughts

To make sure you have a genuine smile in your matric dance photos think of a special memory or favourite moment in your life that generates happiness and a feel good attitude, this helps in making your smile and facial expression more natural instead of forced.

Matric Dance Photos


Rule 2 : Work on your facial expressions and posing

Practise makes perfect in everything, including your matric dance photos. If you have thin lips, part them slightly to give the illusion of fuller lips. If you have a round face then avoid looking at the camera straight on. Rather turn your head slightly to the side. For an overprojected nose, and when being photographed from the side, shift your jaw forward for a more balanced profile.

Matric Dance Photos


Rule 3 : Find your signature smile

As if you need an excuse to take selfies, to find your best smile – take a whole lot of them until you feel comfortable and pleased with the smile you like.

Matric Dance Photos


Rule 4 : Keep it simple

This relates to many things in life, even for your matric dance photos. Remember to never force a pose. Instead focus on making it look relaxed and comfortable. Avoid looking scared, stand up straight and slightly arch your back and pose your heart out !

Matric Dance Photos


Rule 5 : Lighting is key

Looking your best requires finding the best light. Avoid harsh shadows as it highlights blemishes and dark circles. The best light is even from the top of your forehead to the bottom of your chin, and across from cheek to cheek.

Matric Dance Photos


Rule 6 : You don’t have a bad side

Contrary to what everyone says, a bad side does not exist ! During your matric dance photos simply focus all your energy on looking into the camera with confidence.

Matric Dance Photos


Rule 7 : Shape your silhouette when seated

Always sit up straight and towards the end of your chair or date’s lap. This helps elongate your torso and therefore creating the perfect silhouette in matric dance photos.

Matric Dance Photos


Matric Dance Photos


Rule 8 : Style and colour

Ignore the trends or what other people say on what you should wear, choose the matric dance dress that complements you and what you feel most beautiful in. This will in turn be projected in your photos.

Matric Dance Photos

Rule 9 : Hands on your hips

This is the ultimate solution in accentuating your waist and giving the illusion of being slimmer. It also creates a more natural look to your photos, and allows you to show off your rings, bracelets and bangles.

Matric Dance Photos


Rule 10 : Raise the camera

Always lift the camera to eye line or higher as it gives everyone a model jawline. It also helps if your date is shorter than you and vice versa.

Matric Dance Photos


Rule 11 : It’s all about the make-up

Most important rule regarding your matric dance make-up is to avoid foundations with SPF’s in them. This reflects light and makes you look pale and washed out. Don’t be afraid to go a bit heavier as cameras tend to downplay lips, cheeks and eye makeup. You need to look like you actually have make-up one but yet still natural looking.

Matric Dance Photos


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