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Mother of the Bride Dresses

Your daughter is going to look great—that’s a given. Now let’s focus on you. What’s your style? What type of wedding is it, formal or beach ? What time is the ceremony ? So many factors to consider in choosing mother of the bride dresses, here is some inspiration for all you Moms’ out there …


Casual Wedding

This type of wedding invites more of a non fussy look but still polished as you are the mother of the bride after all and shabby chic just will not cut it ! Knee length and A-line dresses are ideal styles for this type of wedding. Easy to add a bolero or soft waterfall jacket to cover up arms or for warmth. Don’t be afraid of color or pattern—go for punchy floral prints and strappy sandals for summer and rich hues, like burgundy, navy and hunter green, for winter. Rule of thumb avoid anything you would wear to the beach or a braai.

Mother Of The Bride Dresses
Mother of the bride dresses : Casual wedding

 Semi Formal Wedding

This type of dress code and be interpreted differently depending on the time of the wedding. If it is an early afternoon or morning wedding opt for lighter pastel shades again in either cocktail or tea length. For a late afternoon wedding opt for metallics, slight embellishments and darker colours. A full length dress would be too formal for this type of wedding however, it is up to the bride to decide. Lace and chiffon sleeves are a popular look for this style of wedding.

Mother Of The Bride Dresses
Mother of the bride dresses: Semi formal wedding

Beach Wedding

Who doesn’t love a romantic beach wedding ! Not the easier to dress for especially for mothers of the bride. Again it depends on the bride, if she insists on a long dress then choose a lighter fabric, like chiffon or silk, that helps combat the heat and keeps you cool. Alternatively, choose a dress that has an interesting hemline that is either longer at the back and shorter in the front. Bright colors and playful prints echo the beach surrounds.

Mother Of The Bride Dresses
Mother of the bride dresses : Beach Wedding

Formal Wedding

There’s no getting out of it, black tie means an elegant floor-length dress. Go glitzy with shimmering embroidered beads, or keep your look classic with long vintage lace sleeves or a sophisticated off-the-shoulder sheath in chiffon or lace. Choose light colors, like blush and duck egg blue, for spring and summer. Jewel tones like plum, burgendy and navy are better suited for autumn and winter. Metallics and neutrals are timeless and always appropriate regardless the time of year.

Mother Of The Bride Dresses
Mother of the bride dresses : Formal Wedding


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