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Party Dresses : Sequin Trend

The end of another year which means time for Party Dresses. We have end year work functions, Christmas parties and New Years parties. So what’s better than wearing a gorgeous sequin dress to shine the year away.


There are so many sequin styles so here are our 7 Favourite Party dresses sequin styles:-

1. Fish Scale Sequin Dresses

Nothing is more fun than a beautiful dress that sparkles and shimmers when you dancing at your functions. It’s elegant, fun and sassy.


Party Dresses



2. Patterned Sequin Dresses

Nothing screams sophistication like a dress that has an Aztec sequin pattern or a stunning gatsby pattern in a mixture of sequins and beads.


Party Dresses


3. Long Sleeve Sequin Dresses

Whether it is a bodycon or a fit and flare there is nothing more glamourous than a sleeve covered in sequins. Be sure to check that it is lined correctly though as it could scratch.


Party Dresses


4. Evening Full Length Dresses

Most end year functions come with awesome themes such as James Bond, Grammys or Red Carpet etc. Nothing has a bigger statement as a party dress that is fully sequined head to two.


Party Dresses


5. Ombré sequin Dresses

If you are a bit edgy and a bit fabulous this is the perfect party dress style for you. This is elegance with a difference. It just adds a bit of fun and mystery to your dress.


Party Dresses


6. Two-Way Sequin Dresses

A new and fun trend is the two-way sequin dress. One minute your dress is green and the next it is black. Such a good way to recycle the same favourite dress! To make it more exciting certain dresses will include a touch of black velvet.


Party Dresses

7. Full Sequin Pants Suit or Jumpsuit

We all know dresses aren’t for everyone, so why not choose to get your sparkle on in a trendy jumpsuit or pants suit.


Party Dresses