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Perfect Matric dance hairstyles

Now that you have your matric dance dress, shoe and makeup , the final step is choosing the best hairstyle for your dress. As much as we like having what looks good to us, fashion and style is much more successful when we choose something that suits us personally as well as something that matches your overall look.

To assist you in selecting the best hairstyle for matric dance dress, We thought to select the most popular dress styles, and pair them together with the most appropriate hairstyle.

The open back and halter matric dance dress

An open back is usually the focal point of the dress. To draw attention to this statement, an updo is perfect! This will ensure a clear view of back detail and help you maintain having just one focal point and not too many. An updo is also perfect for halter neck style dresses. A hairstyle to the side or to the front and down will create a very busy feature if paired with a halter neck dress. Try keep it up and have fun with the style whether it be loose curls or a sleek bun.

Matric Dance


Sweetheart matric dance neckline

A sweetheart neckline is just that, its sweetheart! You want to go for a very soft and virtuous look. I have paired this matric dance dress style with what is called a half-up-half-down hairstyle, also known as the waterfall hairstyle. Remember to keep your curles soft and effortless.

Matric Dance Matric Dance










Ballgown matric dance dress

A ballgown is a very dramatic dress on its own, therefore its not entirely necessary to go extravagant on your accessories, hair, and makeup. Since a ballgown adds volume, try avoid volumized hair. A ballgown is best paired with a very sleek and high bun which will create the illusion of extended height and to your look.

Matric Dance Matric Dance










One shoulder matric dance dress

A one shoulder dress is best paired with a hairstyle swept to the side. This hairstyle can be suited to your personal styles whether it be a structure side do or a loose bohemian braid. Make sure the hair sits on the naked shoulder. This hairstyle also works well with a high neck style matric dance dress.

Matric Dance Matric Dance











Strapless and fitted matric dance dress

If you going wit the very sexy fitted and strapless style matric dance dress, the most suited hairstyle would be a dramatic and volumized style. You can decide between waves or curls, a middle path or side path. Since a fitted dress gives you that sleek look, full extra with extra volume will balance the look out.

Matric Dance


Whatever your dress style, we have it in our matric dance collection. Showroom open Monday to Saturdays.