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Matric Dance Planning : Part 1

Matric Dance Planning Part 1. As it usually is with anything in life, whatever is special, what ever is wonderful takes a lot of time. To our knowledge there are a handful of very special moments a girl waits for: Engagement, Wedding, and baby. However the first stepping stone a young girl dreams of is planning your Matric dance.


A matric dance is such a special event in a girl’s life and it such a wonderful experience, however before we can sit back and enjoy it we have to consider so much planning.

We often have girls in who are overwhelmed with arrangements and things that need to be done before their special day, so to help you we are going to give you a few tips to remember for planning your Matric dance.


Matric Dance Planning
Matric Dance Planning


The next step in planning your Matric dance is finding your partner. Unfortunately, company usually makes or breaks a night. If you are dating someone, you are of course going to take them, but remember it is YOUR special night. If you are single you may have it easier, in our store we often have girls overwhelmed with who to take. Remember it is one of the last nights you will get to have fun with your friends, so try take someone who is fun, outgoing, kind, friendly. Be very careful not to take someone who is undeserving or who needs babysitting. There is nothing worse than a date who disrespects you, or needs babysitting.


Matric Dance Planning
Matric Dance Planning : Your Partner


Don’t forget to plan where you getting ready, your pre-drinks, where you changing before the after party , where you going to the after party and most importantly how you going home. Remember girls you a lady, carry yourself like one throughout the night and never let anyone treat you otherwise.


Matric Dance Planning
Matric Dance Planning : The afterparty


This is very important. Most people love the elaborate entrance into the dance, where others don’t, what ever the case do not forget to arrange a lift to before party, to the dance, the change, to the after party and lastly home. It is your special night so avoid the desire to drive. (if you have one).


Matric Dance Planning
Matric Dance Planning : Transport


Matric Dance planning part 2 coming soon. In the meantime, visit our showroom to find your perfect Matric Dance dress. Open weekdays 9am to 4.30pm and Saturdays 9am to 2pm.