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Having The Right Dress Attitude

Dress Attitude : The biggest challenge we face as a dress shop is not unhappy clients or difficult clients or bizarre questions but clients who lack self confidence in themselves. It’s a known fact that a lady who loves and appreciates herself glows brighter in an unsightly dress than a self-conscience women in the most beautiful dress. We have had occasions where ladies have tried on many dresses, they have left us breathless yet they leave feeling “nothing looked good on them”. 

In celebrating Womens’ Day month we have great pointers for the attitude you should have when going to buy a dress.

1. Do not try on dresses feeling negative !

If you going to shop in a negative frame of mind and saying “nothing will look good on me” and hoping for a dress to change your mind, you have missed the point! You make the dress look good not the dress makes you look good. Remember if a dress makes you look good, it doesn’t mean that it is going to make everyone look good. This is not The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants! You have the perfect curves and shape for a certain dress that other ladies cannot wear and visa versa. Therefore, your body is perfect for a certain style of dress, making you and your dress unique.


Dress Attitude
Don’t try on dresses if you feeling ugly


2. Do not compare yourself!

Do not be fooled by skinny girls and airbrushed models! They do not look that perfect and guess what? They also unhappy with themselves. Only you can decide to appreciate yourself… The truth is you cannot change what you are and what you look like, so come to terms with it and love yourself!


Dress Attitude
Do not compare yourself


3. Don’t be afraid to try a dress out of your comfort zone!

Often ladies will refuse to try things on because they believe it won’t flatter them. This is incorrect. A style team has been trained to identify what will suit you, trust them to have your best interests at heart. Our desire is not to find you the perfect dress but to show you how beautiful you really are and how perfect you can make a dress look!

Dress Attitude
Try out of your comfort zone


4. Be kind to yourself!

Everything that comes out your mouth is true! So speak positive and beautiful words about yourself! You have to change what you say and think of yourself! Change your mindset! Repeat to yourself how beautiful and loved you are, no matter how down or unattractive you feel which leads me to point 5…


Dress Attitude
Be kind to yourself


5. Feelings are not always the true!

Just because you FEEL unattractive or you FEEL fat that doesn’t mean you are! No!! We are all beautiful! But sometimes we have bad days… Lets not forget as females we have a lot of hormone changes and emotions, these can sometimes affect our moods and feelings but again I say THIS IS NOT NECESSARILY THE TRUTH!


Dress Attitude
Feelings are not always true


6. Do not get advice from friends or family that are jealous or rude about you!

Unfortunately our friends and family may cause us to make decisions or change decisions due to jealousy or personal opinion or their interpretation of Beauty. The golden rules 1. If in doubt go without! If you not 100% sure about their decision say no! 2. Go with what you feel beautiful in, even if they don’t agree! You cannot afford to get something because a friend says so and wear it not loving it and then they won’t even be there on the day you wear it. Trust your instinct!


Dress Attitude


Lastly, we strive to help EVERY woman feel the best about themselves no matter what the special occasion. We have helped ladies with ugly views of themselves but as cliche as this may sound you are all extremely beautiful and extremely precious no matter size, lump, bump, bone or any insecurity! No matter what you think of yourself we know the truth!


Happy Womens’  Day month from all of us at the Amanda Ferri Showroom. Open weekdays 9am to 4.30pm and Saturdays 9am to 2pm.