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The Rose Gold Trend is everywhere ! It is THE colour that sits between luxury and fashion which is why we are all obsessed with it. Here are our top rose gold fashion items …


Rose gold jewelry

Rose gold is now a colour associated with sophistication and a sense of ease. It is every easy to catch a business woman walking by with a rose gold watch on her wrist to go with her rose gold blazer. Rose gold jewelry is so versatile it can be found on business woman, brides, wedding guests, prom girls, etc.


Rose Gold Trend
Rose Gold Trend in jewelry


Rose gold gadgets

On contrary to popular beliefs, Apple did not make rose gold popular, they did however help the colour go mainstream. Now almost every device you can think of can be found in rose gold. Throw on a pair of rose gold headphones to go for a run and you will be the trendiest runner on the block.


Rose Gold Trend
Rose gold trend in gadgets


Rose gold nails

Rose gold has even found its way into the nail industry. From full rose gold nails to metallic accent rose gold nail, the colour has yet to run out of ways to look amazing. Rose gold nails are used to add a pop of fun to your outfit and give you a sense of sophistication.


Rose Gold Trend
Rose Gold Trend in Manicures


Rose gold shoes

Can you really call yourself a fashionista if you fail to have at least one pair of rose gold shoes in your wardrobe? Be it a sneaker, boot, flip flop or classic stiletto heel, a rose gold shoe is a must have this season. Add that pop of colour to your look and step out feeling confident.


Rose Gold Trend


Rose gold outfits/dresses

Could it really be a true trend without spilling over into the fashion industry? Rose gold dominated the runway this season in every item of clothing from dresses to shawls. Walk into any clothing store and you are bound to find something in rose gold.


Rose Gold Trend


So grab your Rose Gold item and be a part of the trend this season! Follow us on social media @AmandaFerriSA for the latest trends for your special occasion.