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Shopping for your Graduation Dress

Finally all your hard work has paid off, and now it is time to celebrate your achievement in your special graduation dress. Here are some tips to keep in mind when shopping :-


Dress to Impress

Your graduation is a day when lots of photos are going to be taken, so more thought is required when choosing your Graduation Dress. Be conservative but still young. You need to look like the mature adult you have become but still age appropriate. Don’t slack on the finishing touches to your outfit – hair and make-up is a must !


Graduation Dress

 Plan what to wear under your graduation gown

Please don’t think that your choice of Graduation Dress is not important as you won’t see it. On the contrary, you probably won’t have time to change between the ceremony and dinner with your family or razzling up with your friends. It’s important to go for something cute and stylish. Wear something sleek as your Graduation gown is bulky, so avoid very full skirts that would add any extra volume.


Graduation Dress



This is the time to choose comfort AND stylish, as your shoes will be on show.  Avoid sky high stilettos and opt for wedges or block heels. Most importantly don’t forget to paint yout toenails.


Graduation Dress



Finishing Touches

Again your Graduation day requires lots of picture taking, so you need to step up your hair and make-up for the day. It is not a day to experiment with yout hair or makeup, go for a clean fresh look with a splash of sophiscation.


Graduation Dress


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