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Special Occasion Dresses To Brag About

With this year coming to an end, we dedicate this blog to all our special clients who we have had the pleasure of dressing for all their special occasions during the year. From matric dances to mother of the brides, we enjoy receiving and remembering you in your special occasion dresses.

Working in a special occasion dress boutique comes with many laughs, excitement and long lost little girl dreams of dressing up dolls. Except now our dolls are real and complexed. What makes this job so exciting is that there are real challenges and so many expectations to meet. Unlike when you little and would force your dolls to wear what you wanted, you now need to consider body type, personality age and unfortunately insecurities.
Special Occasion Dresses
Special Occasion Dresses : new style 2 piece now available
Everyday is unique and we are faced with new challenges. Every story is different and each person’s struggle is so real. We leave each day with a Masters in fashion and a phd in psychology.
Special Occasion Dresses
Special Occasion Dresses : Our client Rochelle for a wedding she attended
There is only 1 thing that is common in this line of work and that is the awesome feeling when someone puts on a dress and lights up. We love success stories and nothing is more rewarding than watching a girl or lady feel absolutely stunning! “All eyes on me because today I feel good.”
Special Occasion Dresses
Special Occasion Dresses : one of our matric dance clients, Melissa
In this industry we get to see tragic stories and dress-stress unfold into smiles laughs and complete excitement. But this is still not the most amazing part! Just as the mother’s excitement of finding out she is pregnant ends and they wait anxiously for the beautiful baby’s face… We sit waiting to brag about all our beautiful ladies. Nothing makes us happier than getting to see how amazing each and every lady looks on their special day. You see to us it is not a business only but quality time invested into people feeling absolutely beautiful.
Special Occasion Dresses
Special Occasion Dresses : Amy chose cherry red for her bridesmaid dresses
“Ping!”… The picture comes through. Our success story complete… All the staff run to see and laugh and get excited at the memories of trying to get the perfect dress for the perfect lady. We wait for these everyday, so today I implore you to send us your beautiful pictures so we CAN BRAG ABOUT YOU! Let us show you off, you deserve it!
Special Occasion Dresses
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Thank you for all your valued support throughout 2016 !