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I have selected the top eight spring dress colour trends of 2015 and I will enlighten you from emotional provoking perspective of these Spring dress colour trends …


Think about the freshness of a rain forest, the understated bold colours of nature, a splash of tangerine, a strong marsala, or perhaps a relaxing holiday on the island of blue waters, enjoying a strawberry summer drink. This year’s spring dress colour trends draws inspiration from taking a breather out of  the every day hustle and bustle , a breath of fresh air, and a tone down from the usual vibrancy of usual spring summer dress colour trends. Excuse me for diverging a bit, but how appropriate are these colour trends for this year’s silhouette trends? Soft flowy romantic chiffon maxis together with these dress colour trends, oh what a stunning marriage it is!

When you dress pretty you feel pretty, just the same goes for provoking emotion in the colour you wear, unlike most spring colour trends blogs, even though they wonderfully capture the trends of the season, they seem to lack the emotional and feeling each colour will provoke. What’s the use in wearing pink if you don’t understand why you are wearing pink! I have selected the top eight spring dress colour trends of 2015 and I will enlighten you from emotional provoking perspective of these trends.

The theme this season is rainforest freshness, this time of the year can be very tiresome after going through the trials of eight months already, so the trend colours cater for this. The idea of a breathe of fresh air and a soothing escape from everyday’s hustle and bustle is captured in the colours of spring 2015.

What better way than to wear the fun ascent of Tropical blue, stirring up feelings of a holiday on a tropical island of clear waters, this is sure to provoke a relaxed and easy going emotion during a busy on the rush day.


Spring Dress Colour Trends
Scuba Blue


If you are not a blue fan and prefer the more greeny tones, Lucite green is your dress colour this spring 2015! Even though this is a colour from a few fashion decades ago, the retro style is being showcased in all shop windows and bloggers are embracing the retro vibe from head to toe! Even though Lucite Green is not far off from the tropical blue, the green undertone gives off a different feel. Most people are more conservative about bright colours in professional settings so the Lucite green works well with the work environment as it is slightly toned down yet still fresh and shouts Spring 2015!


Spring Dress Colour Trends
Lucite Green


When it comes to dress styles that suit certain colours, it is always a personal choice, however the feeling that each colour portrays works best with certain silhouettes. The Lucite green works well with soft flowy chiffons and dropped waist lines. Its no wonder this is part of the Spring 2015 colour trends!

Now that we feeling relaxed on a tropical island in our Lucite green beach dress, say hello to the soothing presence of the calm Aquamarine colour trend of Spring 2015. The coolness and calmness of this dress colour just reinforces the theme of this years spring colour trends, the soft understated brightness of Aquamarine still caters for the nature-like neutrals.

Spring Dress Colour Trends


Generally the soft blue tones are just so elegant in chiffons and maxi dresses. Evening dresses in this colour always make a statement just because they a colour most would not consider yet it sheds a few years and enhance the freshness and glow to your skin tone.

Spring 2015 definitely embraced blue in all the soft tones reflected in the neutrals of nature. But there are some stunning colours also included in the colour trends of 2015, like Tangerine! Paired with purple Tangerine is a trend that made its way already into fall/winter 2016. So despite being trendy in spring, your wardrobe will be equipped for next year’s dress trends.

Spring Dress Colour Trends


Mr colour trend crush has to be Tangerine. Its just spontaneous and fun, it defintley is a colour that consistently pops up but this season the tangerine brings a much softer element of orange to springs colour trends.

Another stunning and striking bold that that has won itself the official colour of the year award, is our very lovely pantone marsala. Although this tone is a winter shade, when it’s the colour of the year it has rights to be in every season. It complements the softness and relaxation of spring 2015 with its strength confidence and boldness. Definitely a colour you would like to have in your closest.

Spring Dress Colour Trends
Pantone Marsala


The confidence of the colour illuminates through the more structured dress designs, the darker tones are also a favourite with evening wear and needs very little accessories or bling.

Strawberry ice is more of a lower key to the marsala. As opposed the strength and boldness of the colour of the year, strawberry ice is charming and flirtatious. The subtleness of this dress colour evokes a cooling feel as like the other spring colour trends of 2015.

Spring Dress Colour Trends
Strawberry Ice


The strawberry ice is a popular colour for bridesmaid dresses. The softness of this colour is always detailed with subtle bead work in the same shade or clear crystals. It’s just full of feminine softness and the gentleness of a woman. Strawberry ice is appreciated in tulle, satin and chiffon.

Spring dress colour trends can not escape without the pleasantness of custard. Its sweet sunny subtle neutral can work as a base colour, or the main colour. Its versatile and invites the warmth of spring sun after a cold winter.

Spring Dress Colour Trends


Blush, nude, neutrals, we love them all. Paired with white this colour is a great subtle spring colour if you not a fan of the colours.

The most popular neutral of spring colour trends 2015 is the Glacier Grey. The difference between the custard neutral and the glacier grey neutral is its cooling nature. Grey is a sophisticated and elegant form of black, in fact grey is the new black. Glacier grey is a lot more white than your usual grey and it just has a effortless look to it. It really is natures most perfect natural colour.

Spring Dress Colour Trends
Glacier Grey


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