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Spring Dress Trends : The Chic LBD

You walk into a dress shop, you see 100’s of colours and style, when BAM a dress has caught your eye. You immediately feel a connection to the dress. It’s hanging on a black velvet coat hanger, simple but beautiful, as you get to it you realise you have just found your Little Black Dress (LBD)


It’s no secret that the easiest thing to buy is something black, it’s also no secret that most women will walk into a dress shop and be drawn to the black dresses. What is it about these little black dresses that lure us in? And what makes them so much more flattering, and how can we go about picking thee most chic one without being too boring and unoriginal.


What is a LBD ?


The LBD became fashionable from the 1920’s. It was intended to be a versatile, long-lasting dress that was affordable and would have the widest market possible. Nobody can forget Audrey Hepburn, Holy Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and even Betty Boop strutting their stuff in their famous little black dresses. These women knew the importance of owning at least one LBD.


History of LBDs


Owning an LBD is like owning a toothbrush, extremely necessary.  But what classifies a LBD? A LBD is a plain black dress, with a simple line. It is affordable, easily worn and very versatile. A little black dress is a dress that doesn’t go out of style and it is a dress you can dress up or down and a million times without it being mundane or noticeable.


Classic LBDs


To get yourself a LBD you need to choose a style you can dress up with accessories but also dress down with flats. It needs to be a dress that will travel with you everywhere, a dress that can never go out of style for example an A-line or Princess style. It is your go-to non-fussy dress. In choosing your LBD remember simple is always more sophisticated.


Types of LBDs


The mystery and excitement about this type of dress is that it is not a once-off outfit.  It’s completely versatile. How many ladies have you heard saying “Oh I don’t want to buy a dress that I can’t wear again”. The LBDs of today are the perfect dresses for all formal occasions, corporate or personal. If bought wisely, it can be worn for years!


Accessorizing your LBD


Some would say they scared to buy one for an event as it may be boring or the same as someone else. One needs to remember to buy a dress that YOU ARE WEARING and not a dress that IS WEARING YOU! For a dress to be unique it needs to fit you correctly, focusing on your assets for example, your small waist. Also when you do buy a simple black dress you open a huge door for creativity. For example, you can go sophisticated with a gold clutch, gold shoes and elegant jewelry. Or you can go wild with extravagant red shoes and bright lips. You not only open the door to accessories but make-up as well.


LBD with red lips


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