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Steps in planning your Matric Dance

With schools back into routine, the long anticipation of Matric dances is finally over. Today we bring you some guidelines on planning for your matric dance.

Step 1 : Finding the right Date

Your date for your matric dance should be a person who will compliment you but also someone who you can let go and have fun with. Someone who you feel comfortable and has personality is always a winner.

Matric Dance


Step 2 : Dress Decisions

Matric dance girls have 2 choices, either making a dress or buying one off the rack. If you have afternoon activities, finding time to attend fittings for your matric dance dress may be stressful. Then there is always that terrible feeling when your dress doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it. To avoid this, always take a picture of what you are wanting the finished product to turn out like.

When looking for dresses have an idea in mind of what you don’t like, this inturn will lead you to what you do like. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfortable zone after all it’s not every night you get to dress like a princess. Remember to not judge the dress on what it looks like on the hanger, they look very different on. Have your matric dance dress picked out and altered if necessary at least a month before your dance to ensure you are better safe the sorry.

Matric Dance


Step 3 : Accessories

When it comes to jewelry and accessories for your matric dance dress, choose something that completes the outfit without overdressing it. Aim for comfort with regards to shoes as it is a long night ir standing, dancing and sitting. Always remember the golden rule of less is more. Accessories should never outshine the dress. Find a heel that you are able to dance in and be careful not to be taller than your date. There is nothing more embarrassing than a girl wearing a gorgeous dress but can’t walk in the heels she is wearing.

Matric Dance

Step 5 : Strike a pose

If you are booking a photographer practice on your poses, and find out which is your better side. Never slouch, posture is key in making sure you look your best at your matric dance.

Matric Dance


Step 6 : Make-up and hair

Book your hair and makeup trial on the same day at least 2 months before your matric dance. This gives you a better idea of what your full look will be like on the night. Try wear a colour the same as your matric dance dress. When choosing a hairstyle go with one that complements the dress. Choose an upstyle or side style with open back and detailed sleeves dresses. Strapless dresses choose an open style either sleek straight or curly.

For your matric dance makeup remember the rule of thumb less is more ! Always bring a picture with you on the look your are wanting, same with your hair trial. Pictures work better than words. The simpler the dress, the more dramatic the makeup.

Matric Dance


Step 7 : Enjoy your night !

No matter what happens go all out and just have fun with no regrets. Do not concern yourself with what other girls are wearing, and stay true to your unique beauty !

Matric Dance


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