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Style Resolutions for the New Year

Style Resolutions ? We all make the courageous decision to make New Years’ Resolutions. Some of us stick to them and succeed, while others start and then stop. Regardless you at least attempt change! Change, difficult but inevitable!


So today we challenge you ! Instead of crazy ideas like bungy jumping or exhausting ideas like gyming why not try making Style Resolutions ?

Here’s a few pointers we would suggest:


1. Hoarding is for hamsters!
If you haven’t worn something in the last 6 months GET RID OF IT! Whether it was a gift or something you once loved, if you haven’t worn it in the last 6 months, you probably won’t. It’s taking up space and most likely welcoming unwanted pests like fish moths.


Style Resolutions



2. Frumpy is not sexy
Many fall into an illusion that if they wear a lot of layers they will look skinner. This is actually not true and most often you land up looking like Gandalf. A nice vest with a chic Kimono is lovely but when your wearing baggy upon baggy, you setting yourself up for a quest about a ring, and not your ring!


Style Resolutions



3. Step out your comfort zones
We only walk on water when we step out of our comfort zones, which brings us to the next one of our Style Resolutions. Changing your style once in a while is good! Perhaps a beautiful hair change, colour or length ? Try looking at a few outfits on Pinterest and choosing a style you like and one that will like you. Try not choose one that is not correct for your body type. We often get this. It’s so good to turn things up in your closet and shock a few people! Stop hiding all your beauty and step things up a bit. With google you can find what is perfect for you!


Style Resolutions



4. Work with what you got
After many years now you have probably realized that complaining about everything you hate about yourself is pointless. You probably also have a lot of friends that can tell your assets with 1 flaw of you constantly running yourself down. This year make an effort not too speak bad about yourself!!! Instead of complaining about WHAT YOU THINK IS NEGATIVE, flaunt the assets! For example,if you got nice curves, wear something that emphasizes it. If you like your eyes, google make up that will highlight their beauty! Everyone has assets, its time to embrass them!


Style Resolutions


5. Make up confidence
Some of us love make-up where as some of hate it. Some women can’t wear make-up every single day. However, this year we propose a challenge, if you a lady who cakes it on or wears excessive amounts, how about this year you try keep it a bit natural? Perhaps less foundation or your natural eyelashes? We are not saying don’t wear any, just simply suggesting try enjoy your natural beauty and leave all the contouring for special occasions only. Whereas if you really don’t enjoy make-up, how about this year try make more of an effort at putting make-up on? Perhaps a light lipgloss or a bit of mascara? If you not too sure what to go for there are many places like MAC or Smashbox that can assist you in what will suit you. It’s worth a try.


Style Resolutions


Here’s to 2018 ladies ! Enjoy embracing your individual style.